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End of The World

Washington Square. January 6, 2007 2pm

The temperature hit 72° in the city today, making this the warmest January day ever in New York. The government [blames it] on El Niño, but also acknowledges a ten-year warming trend.

We are so fucked. But ain’t this weather great?

A Year in the Life of A Rat

‘Tis the season for taking stock, looking back and finding any lessons to be learned from events of the previous year. A tired convention to be sure, but it can be fun and — as a matter of pure practicality — it’s an easy piece to write when one is dragging with slothful indolence from the excesses of Christmas toward the alcoholic decrepitude of New Year’s. The colorful, albeit brief history of this blog might be of interest to others engaged in similar pursuits, or internet historians or, most probably, just me. At any rate, here’s the Diary of a Rat review…

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Have Yourself a Dirty Little Christmas

An SCTV classic — Catherine O’Hara as bawdy chanteuse Dusty Towne with special guest star Divine (John Candy). Hilarious.


The full Christmas show and a lot more in SCTV Vol. 2.


We’re still at war this holiday season. Many have died, many many more have been wounded. I’ve mentioned the Wounded Warrior Project before. They do good work helping severely wounded service men and women get back into active living: providing basic necessities when they go into the hospital and sponsoring activities and events that help rehabilitate. If you have some extra cash around after the PS3s and flat-screen TVs have been wrapped up and put under the tree, send it their way.


Brokeback Redux

It’s been a year since Brokeback Mountain was released. A year later we know how it was received and the tributes and controversy it collected. Warmly embraced by far more people than even the producers expected, castigated by mercifully few [bushy-eyed bigots], lauded with awards of every stripe but denied the Academy Award for Best Picture — a circumstance that led a gentle woman from Wyoming to mount her war horse and write one of the most [brutal takedowns] of Hollywood ever seen. A small movie about a love affair between two Wyoming ranch hands held the attention of the world for awhile. Now that the world has looked away, what remains of Jack and Ennis?

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