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On the Highline

Section 2 of the Highline, running to 30th Street is now open. Bird feeder as modern sculpture. Faded ads and the ubiquitous tag of the 90s: Cost Revs
At its best, the HL is like a museum threading through the city's industrial past. I really want to know what's behind there... A compelling view into a section of the city frozen in time.
Heading north past 23rd Street. At the end of the road - a balloon park by AOL. Highline as yellow brick road; Time-Warner Center as Emerald City.
The Chelsea 'meadow'. Early morning sun and mist. Hipster couple post nuptials. Sorry, Mrs. Hipster, hubby was checking out the runner...
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The Highline Park has opened a second section that threads a path of green through the old industrial section of Chelsea. Very impressive — all that’s missing are laser cannons to pick off the yuppie runners who crowd the narrow paths…

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