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Dark Knight reviewed: Heath Ledger “mad-crazy-blazing brilliant”

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Last night Warner Brothers began press previews of The Dark Knight and today the first reviews started appearing. Writing in [Rolling Stone], Peter Travers gives the 2 and a half hour epic 3.5 stars and goes into superlative overdrive, ending a glowing review by saying, “the haunting and visionary Dark Knight soars on the wings of untamed imagination. It’s full of surprises you don’t see coming. And just try to get it out of your dreams.” Elsewhere, he likens Christopher Nolan’s film to the Godfather Part 2 and A Clockwork Orange — other classics that redefined a genre.

He calls out Christian Bale and Heath Ledger for special mention — Bale’s Batman, driven by an almost mad obsession with crime and vengeance, mirrors his antagonist and struggles to overcome his own strange impulses as much as his enemy. Travers invokes Pacino’s Michael Corleone in describing Bale’s performance for its multi-layered complexity. As for Ledger, Travers writes that he could be the first posthumous Oscar winner since Peter Finch won for Network. It would only be justice, considering how he was robbed for Brokeback Mountain.

MTV [reviews] the movie against 6 “Key Superhero-Movie Factors”, including “Wow”, “Cheese” and “Darkness”. It comes out well on all and they end the review by saying, “It’s the best “Batman” movie ever made, hands down.”

Advance business on the movie is already heading toward Spiderman 3 levels. Better buy your tickets now — with 3 weeks until the July 18 release, Wired is [reporting] that early shows are selling out. I already have mine. 😉

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