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Gawker Deathwatch, Kimmel advice taken

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Back in April of this year, Gawker editor Emily Gould had her ass handed to her on national television by Jimmy Kimmel who laced into her on [Larry King Live] about the lack of professionalism and ethics at her soulless place of employment. It was great TV but a bit hard to watch because of Gould’s utter meltdown in the face of his onslaught. Not only was the trademark snark nowhere to be seen but she seemed shocked that anyone outside of her little Manhattan bubble could harbor a negative sentiment about what she did for a living. One had the impression confirmed that she and many if not most of the other juvey journos that Nick Denton has built his “empire” upon are no more than commoditized Trilbys — schooled by their master in the ways of sarcastic cynicism in order to meet their burdensome publishing goals, but who are finally too human to endure it for long. This impression was lent further weight by former-then-current-soon-to-be-former-again editor Choire Sicha, who told Vanessa Grigoriadis of [New York magazine] that “not a week goes by when I don’t want to quit this job, because staring at New York in this way makes me sick.”

Kimmel’s final salvo to Gould during the mini-massacre was “I just want you to think about your life and weigh your options, because I would hate to see you arriving in Hell and somebody sending a text message saying, ‘Guess who’s here!'” Well, it looks like Gould belatedly took his advice and announced her resignation from Gawker on Friday — the same day Sicha also announced he was leaving. What is interesting is not just that the [relentless] [turnover] at Gawker Media continues apace, but the way it played out. According to Rachel Sklar in HuffPo, Gould found out about her managing editor leaving from someone at another publication. And, it would seem from the snarky aside made in Gawker’s [job opening post] that management found out about the same time:

We normally like to have a successor lined up, in an orderly fashion, when one of our managing editors has an existential crisis. Oops. Awkward.

Happy little ship they’re running there! Aside from the weak attempt at humor over an obviously untidy event, the job posting goes all High and Mighty proposing that Denton’s next Trilby should have real reporting skills and apparently tries to lure journalism school grads away from real journalism by warning that “Newspapers provide no long-term job security; this is the chance to make the leap over into online journalism.” Given what we know about the meat grinder that is Gawker, only innocents could read that without spitting their double chai soy latte all over the laptop. God help them.

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