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And now for something completely different…

The blogs are alive today with reaction to a very femmy boy getting hysterical on YouTube over post-VMA Britney criticism — I won’t link to it because it’s easy enough to find. This was my first introduction to the web phenomenon of “Chris Crocker”, a solitary gay kid being raised by Pentecostal grandparents in the Deep South who posts the most amazingly over-the-top videos imaginable. As [The Stranger] reports, he’s gathered a huge following of fans — and enemies — but, most importantly, he’s been noticed by media machers. That’s his ticket out. Way out. And a lifeline out of otherwise certain loneliness. Hooray for him.

After the jump, Chris provides his so-very-unique prescription for treating depression…

Brilliant? Talk about commitment to the bit. The table move. “Awaken it!” The capper. You can’t buy that kind of smart. The kid is brilliant in that liminal, 80’s East Village, almost-drag-but-smarter way that indicates the genius of a gay sensibility. His way in life won’t be easy, God knows, but aren’t we lucky to have him?

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