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Gawker Deathwatch, everything old is new again!

Well, after getting all [high and mighty] in my end of the year post and resolving not to spend any more time commenting on soul-deadening sites like Gawker — I’m back at it (I’m also smoking too much). Acting just like [a real media company], Gawker Media last week lopped off the head of its latest editor in its fifth shake up in four years, according to the venerable [Wall Street Journal]. In hopes of reviving stagnant or declining audience reach numbers (see below), they are bringing back a veteran of the snark wars, Choire Sicha, who jumped ship a few years ago for a job at the New York Observer. Well, at least Sicha has a sensibility.

Still, their moment may have passed. It surely must sting publisher Denton to read about the competition closing [big TV deals] and even modestly talented bloggers like ZeFrank taking [power lunches] with Jeffrey Katzenberg — as poor Gawker hunches over the bar, nursing its Cosmo and softly humming Amazing Grace while thinking with sepia-toned nostalgia of the day Gawker Stalker launched. Why, if I wasn’t a dessicated old wheezebag, I could almost cry.

If it’s any comfort, they’re still doing much better than Radar…

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