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Stem Cell Discovery Changes Debate
Embryos the world over heaved a sigh of relief today at the news that scientists at Harvard and Wake Forest University have [found a way] to harvest stem cells from amniotic fluid and afterbirth. This discovery looks to vitiate conservative resistance to stem cell research and neutralize the rancorous debate about use of embryos. But maybe the conservatives were right to hold out. Where was information about this research (which has been going on for years) during the fevered debates of the last election? And let’s hear from the proponents of embryonic research, now that their approach suddenly doesn’t look so vital to the development of this technology.

New Madonna Takes Swing at Old Madonna
Someone should tell [Angelina Jolie] that it’s not nice to beat up on your elders. Oh, wait, this is Madonna we’re talking about. Take ‘er down, Angie! Jolie [calls out] the Immaterial Girl over her [dodgy adoption]. Shall we start the Ritchie Divorce Countdown yet?

Same Old Song
USA Today charts [the declining fortunes] of the American music industry — the days of monster albums that defined the shared musical experience of a generation are over, they list the biggest selling album of 2006 as Disney dreck pitched to ‘tweens. The rest of the list of best sellers is a meaningless mix of country (laggards in the adoption of digital downloads?) and TV-hyped pop. Digital downloads of singles continued to soar, but there is some evidence that sales [might be plateauing]. With the old business model dead and the channel used to develop audiences for new artists falling apart, are we doomed to see more Disney at the top of the charts?

“This Coffee Tastes Like Shit!”
[For good reason…]

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