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The Terror of Tiny Town

Over the past few months I’ve noticed a guy in my neighborhood who walks around wearing a suit about 3 sizes too small, sporting high-water pants the likes of which I haven’t seen since… well since I wore them in 6th grade. I felt sorry for the guy and wondered, “can’t someone tell him what he looks like before he leaves the house in the morning?” Little did I know, it turns out it probably wasn’t just one guy I was seeing (I assumed it was because there couldn’t be more than one such freak per Manhattan neighborhood, right?) — it was probably a small army of cutting-edge fashionistos wearing what the [New York Times] and [New York Magazine] have proclaimed the hottest thing in menswear: teeny tiny suits made by some joker named Thom Browne that make you look like you raided your kid’s closet. The fashion rags gush that Mr. Browne is going to “save” the suit from extinction and none less than that bastion of masculine tradition, Brooks Brothers, has hired him to spruce up their offerings to America’s staid corporate clones. Short pants and knee socks should go over swell in the Boardroom.

Oh and if you’re thinking of snagging one of these suits as a Halloween costume — everything is tiny but the price: $3500… each.

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