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Short Bites

You Say Tomato, I Say ‘Red Juice Ball’
The AP carried [a story] about Iranian president Ahmadinejad purging “western” words from the language, in favor of their Persian equivalents. Henceforth, pizza will be known as “elastic loaves”. No word yet on what will replace “nutjob”.

Shakers Counting Down
There are [only 4 Shakers left] in the entire world and they live in a small community in Maine. The religious community, one of the oldest in America, admired for its simple approach to life and utilitarian furniture design is dying out because they ban sex between members and (surprise) haven’t been getting many recruits lately. I can’t believe in this country of 300 million, there aren’t any candidates who would make good converts. C’mon people — wouldn’t you like to be living history? You’ll be sad when they’re gone.

Flaks Flunk
An Exxon-funded PR firm [got busted] for uploading a homemade-looking video to YouTube that criticized Al Gore’s global warming jeremiad. Not too surprising given that public relations is probably the most morally bankrupt profession known to man. Next to journalism, that is.

Romancing the Sheepskin
The NYT has [a story] about the growing numbers of single men in their 40’s. This is something I’ve noticed anecdotally. They play it a little lightly as a “lifestyle” thing, but underneath it’s really about the dismal marital prospects of men without college degrees. To my mind this is pretty incendiary stuff. Apparently, the economic situation of many lower and middle-class men has deteriorated so much recently that women are shopping for hubbies in pricier markets. Just goes to show that Republicans — ever favoring income distribution to those who have the most — haven’t a clue about how to really support families. Slogans beat sound fiscal policy every time.

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