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Gawker Deathwatch, the Reaper swings

Gawker logo… and connects! The real reasons for the recent [hoohaw] at Gawker Media became a little more transparent with this week’s announcement that their [much touted] syndication deal with Yahoo is dead, after just seven months and within days of Yahoo posting [miserable financials]. Techie pundits were [creaming themselves] over it last November when it was announced, seeing it as another sign that blogs were on the verge… of something. Denton, of course, puts a typically Dentonian [spin] on it on his blog: a “mutual” decision, that “has little to do with Yahoo’s numbers” (translation: it has everything to do with the numbers and cutting away the dead wood). He also slips in a self-congratulatory apologia about Valleywag’s snarking of Yahoo Media’s Lloyd Braun contributing to their decision to dump Gawker titles. Got it? Gawker Media is just too baaaadassss to be reigned in by some mainstream media deal, Baby! Baloney, of course — business deals aren’t scuttled if they’re working. Given the timing, it suggests the recent facelifts, firings and decision to go all-celebrity-all-the-time on their flagship site was at least in part a response to the bad news they knew was coming. With syndication deals withering, [smaller competitors] making hay and the imminent return of ad vacuum Radar Online, expect more changes.

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