Homo homini rodentius est

Short bites

One red paperclip = One house
Follow up on the guy I wrote about [here], who was trying to trade up from a paperclip to a house. He did it! Quite an accomplishment, but the strangest part of all may be his [interaction] with Corbin Bernsen. Could any interaction with Corbin Bernsen not be strange?

Cat Under The Hat
I’ve known plenty of guys who had pussy on the brain, but [this explains] more than we ever dreamed. Really bizarre science.

Stephen Hawking is depressed…
That’s the only possible explanation for his posting the question How can the human race survive the next hundred years? on [Yahoo Answers]. Almost 20,000 responses include, “It can’t” and my favorite: “It does not need to do anything. The human race has lived for thoasands [sic] of years already and has survired [sic…] things from the ice age, to plaques [as in dental plaque? Sic], wars, and other acts of wickness [you guessed it, sic] caused by the human race.” Thanks for sharing! I prefer to think about this [Hawking-related question].

One Father’s Story
Revenge and [redemption] in Iraq. Very moving.

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