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Craven politics

A reader name Andrea provides a link to [a good fisking] of the president’s speech on the marriage amendment that highlights, among other things, the threats to federalism that it represents. Yet another example of how this administration will turn its back on its own principles — whether in fiscal policy or constitutional issues — to make some political gains.

Even if Patrick Fitzgerald didn’t exist, Rove would be pulling out the last hairs he has over the lack of wiggle room they have: can’t cut spending in an election year, hence can’t respond to the main concern of their base; can’t move on Roe because, even with a stacked court, they don’t want to lose a major wedge issue. So they’re reduced to making futile gestures about gay marriage that only make them look craven.

UPDATE 2:00 pm — The marriage amendment roll call and some thoughts on how they voted, after the jump

Marriage Amendment Cloture Vote Roll Call

As expected, divided on partisan lines, with some interesting exceptions: McCain, a few weeks after being vilified at the New School, breaks with his party and president and votes Nay while Chris Dodd and John Rockefeller conveniently abstain. Dodd, who represents Connecticut, a state that exemplifies the appropriate federal response to this issue that was under attack from this mercenary amendment, sits silently. Strange. Score one for McCain.

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