Homo homini rodentius est

A cruel irony

AIDS ribbon on wedding cakeAccording to the New York Times it was 25 years ago [today] that the first official notice of what would become the AIDS epidemic that devastated the gay community in this country appeared in documents at the Centers for Disease Control. How nastily ironic that today is the day the Senate chose to begin debate on the bill to ban gay marriage. While I’m no fan of gay marriage — considering it a politically facile attempt to apply straight mores to gay identities — I respect the sincerity of those who hope that it will encourage stable healthy lifestyles for gay men. Couldn’t Congress have chosen another day to start their witchhunt?

One is tempted to see in this the cruel hand of extreme partisanship — but it most likely is just another example of tone deafness from the same Congress that thought it would be a good idea to turn Terri Schiavo’s death into a referendum on quality of life issues. A pox on both Houses, I say.

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