Homo homini rodentius est

Hey, look over there!

What Me Worry?Civilian massacres in Iraq, riots in Afghanistan, stagnant job growth turning negative and gas over $3 a gallon. The world’s going to hell in a handbasket, so what critical issue will George be talking about next week? That’s right: gay marriage.

There’s reason to think that not even the Red Staters will be taken in on this one. The [LA Times] quotes conservative activists expressing suspicion of the president’s real committment to one of their pet issues, and others say outright that the real burr under their saddles is fiscal irresponsibility and runaway spending. Well, they’re hardly going to get any action on that in an election year, are they? Hence the gesture toward denying Adam and Steve the honeymoon special at Sandals.

Rove may have finally lost his deadly touch. All the swift boats in the world won’t hold back the tsunami that seems to be heading for the GOP in the fall. John Zogby, using [Michigan as an emblem] says that he’s never seen such negative public sentiment and suggests tectonic shifts in political alignment on the way. Data on the Zogby site shows that the trends are definitely heading in the wrong direction for the Repubs:

Zogby chart

Still, don’t underestimate the remarkable ability of Democrats to walk into walls. As Zogby also points out, “The Democrats have no program on any issue, they have nothing to say that matters to anyone in the United States today.”

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