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Why Apple Matters

Apple StoreToday at 6pm, Apple opens their new 24×7 flagship store in Manhattan — and in typical Apple fashion it’s a blockbuster of design: the store itself is hidden underground and customers enter off 5th Avenue by walking into a glistening 30 foot high glass cube. People have been lined up overnight to be the first to see the spectacular as soon as it’s opened. Gary Allen, a blogger who has chronicled other Apple Store openings, is [blogging live] from the line outside.

This is why Apple matters. They succeed wildly in marrying technology to style and fulfilling our fantasies of the tech future we were promised as kids. Microsoft and Dell may have all the money — but I think people sense that Apple conciously decided to be a bit player (relatively, anyway) because it was required to maintain design and philosophical integrity. Cool.

Now where’s my damned flying car?

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