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Gawker Stalkers Beware!

Jeri RyanThe Hollywood backlash to Gawker continues. Last night on Boston Legal, they addressed an issue ripped right from the headlines (all right, the friggin’ “blogosphere”) about a celeb who gets stallked by paparazzi with the help of a web site that just happens to post the whereabouts of stars. The star, played by the voluminous Jeri Ryan, reacts by shooting a photographer. She goes on trial… AND WINS! Subtle, huh?

Apparently George Clooney has a friend in David E. Kelley. I love how old media goes up against new media and uses its power to shape people’s perceptions by hitting every emotional button at their disposal. If stars’ locations are posted on Gawker — er, a website — it will LEAD TO HOMICIDE.

Of course the palsied fingers that scratch out Gawker will take any publicity gladly. If Clooney & Co. really want to get their attention they’ll just sue their sorry asses.

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