Homo homini rodentius est

The Shambling Corpse, Part III

There’s news from, of all places, [Women’s Wear Daily], that Radar “The Little Magazine That Couldn’t” will be returning for its third ghastly incarnation. Oi vey. This is becoming very Fitzcarraldo. Or Dawn of the Dead, take your pick. According to the women’s wear gossip, [radaronline.com] — now frozen in a time warp since December of last year and still featuring up to the minute news about… Matthew Perry — will return within a matter of weeks to be followed by a return of the celebrity-sniffing rag to newsstands by September or October.

Supposedly Ron Burkle is still interested in funding it, and, considering his recent sordid dust up with the fine folks at Page Six, he may be just the fellow to re-animate the zombie magazine. Until its next inevitable demise.

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