Homo homini rodentius est

The Male Pill. DOA.

OrestesThe BBC and others are [reporting] on a breakthrough in the development of male hormonal contraceptives — the Male Pill. Chalk this up to politically correct wishful thinking. Do they honestly think men are going to turn the tables on thousands of years of behavior and suddenly start shooting themselves up with God-knows-what to prevent their women from getting knocked up? Someone forgot to tell them that men already have an effective method of avoiding the repurcussions of unplanned pregnancy: it’s called walking.

Of course some men may very well try this — risks and all. But the ones most likely to adopt it are exactly the ones — well-educated upper middle class liberals — who already enjoy a close to zero fertility rate. If they really wanted this stuff to have a positive effect on society they’d slip it into the beer at Rangers games, cock fights, wrestling matches and Nascar races.

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