Homo homini rodentius est

Extortionist, editor

Well, to be fair, I guess that should be “suggested” extortionist, Jared Paul Stern is guest editing Gawker this weekend and is using the opportunity of a slow news cycle and the likelihood that Ron Burkle’s lawyers are off for the day enjoying the holiday weekend with their families to vent his withered spleen. Not much that directly counters the charges against him as far as I can see, but lots of sleazy innuendo. What do we have to paint on our doors to make this nightmare pass?

Well, there’s one good thing coming out of “Burklegate”: it pretty much [saves us] from the next incarnation of Radar “The Little Magazine that Couldn’t”.

Gawker continues its furious race to the bottom. It’s like watching a train wreck in real time. First they promote celebrity stalking, thereby chewing off the hand that feeds them, now they’re promoting a sleazy gossip monger with a squishy handshake. In a word: blech.

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