Homo homini rodentius est

Prayer 0, Stairmaster 1

In one of the dumbest uses of $2.5 million EVER, a group of white coats have just [determined] that saying prayers over sick people doesn’t help them. Well there’s news. I was debating about whether to file this under Lab Life, but decided against it because it really has nothing to do with science as such. It might as well have gone into the politics section because that’s what it stinks of. Not just exemplifying the constant drumbeat of religion that goes on in this faith-soaked country — something else. It’s one more effort by the scientists to wrest priesthood away from the priests and put it where it now belongs — in the hands of physicians.

The study — a bad joke from the get go — contains some real howlers, such as the fact that people who knew they were getting prayed at actually got sicker. The LA Times writer describes the possible reason: “The complications were minor, and doctors surmised that they could have been caused by the increased stress on patients worried that their conditions were so bad they needed prayers.” Hilarious?

Some won’t have it of course. This [feisty preacher] rejects the study outright by saying that God doesn’t jump through hoops for scientists. Further, “though I’m sorry that a number of patients suffered setbacks, I’m glad God didn’t cooperate with this “Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer” (STEP).” There’s Christian charity for ya’!

Once again, God proves himself by not doing anything. Where can I get that job?

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